Santiago Martínez Peral’s body of work covers an extensive range of pictorial typologies resulting from continuing research into the diverse expression possibilities of the medium. Symbolism, sensuality, irony, hybridisation and expressionism are topics frequently featured in his work. He prefers to paint in thematic series. Representative highlights of this work are: ‘Towards the Island’ (2006), ‘Offals’ (2007), ‘Heads and Castaways’ (2012), and ‘Nocturnes’ (2015). He is currently occupied with the project ‘Cavities, Joints and People in a Hurry’, an ongoing work which he has been developing and expanding over the last two years. Living and working in Madrid, he has extended his painting into other fields such as stage design for theatre plays and Album sleeves for music bands.

I am currently finishing a series of images titled Cavities, joints and people in a hurry with an enhanced rhythmic expressiveness in the drawing and all sharing a common characteristic: they are open works built on an initial theme but without any closed form as this will be defined during the creative process, based on additions and subtractions, formal choices that leave the trace of both their presence and their disappearance, resulting in an image composed of several layers as if it were a palimpsest.

Order within this amalgam is achieved with the highlighting of some figures over others, establishing rankings in terms of importance, visibility or transparency.

The reduced colour palette (red, pink, orange, grey and black)and the use of the same materials(charcoal mainly) give the series a stylistic consistency despite its great thematic variety .They are a tribute to Palaeolithic painting and the underground drawings of the 70s (Chauvet, Gilbert Shelton, Philip Guston) as well as engravings by Goya or German and Viennese Expressionism (Grosz, Schiele) softened with the introduction of irony and humour as well as the sensuality of the material itself.

I am also in the very beginning of a new series that is untitled yet, in which I introduce more range of color, combining the drawing with more pictorial and volumetric figures, and using the collage as the main procedure.



Formación académica

1998 Licenciado en la especialidad de pintura. Facultad de Bellas Artes. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
1997 Licenciado en la especialidad de grabado. Facultad de Bellas Artes. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


2019 Residencia artística Fish Factory Creative Centre. Islandia

2018 Residencia artística  JOYA: AIR. España

1996 Beca Erasmus. Accademia di Belle Arti. Venecia.Italia.


2019 Feria Arte Aparte 2019. Cáceres


2017 Ilustraciones para la Revista de Occidente número Marzo.

2016. El Gran Formato:Homenaje a Cervantes.Exposición colectiva.Museo de Albacete Sala de exposiciones temporales “Samuel de los Santos”

Premio mejor montaje escénico festival de teatro La Garnacha para la obra «Alarde de tonadilla» con Hugo Pérez Rodriguez de la Pica.Compañía de teatro Tribueñe. Madrid

2014.«Paráfrasis.La recepción de El Greco en el Neobarroco actual» Exposición colectiva.Museo de Albacete.

2013 Escenografía para la obra Donde mira el ruiseñor cuando cruje una rama de Hugo Rodriguez de la Pica para Teatro Tribueñe. Madrid

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